Past Events.

The Exchange Meeting at

Denmead, Portsmouth

Saturday 25th May 2002

We were delighted to welcome so many members and their partners to our third exchange meeting. We were particularly pleased to welcome our overseas visitors. Travelling such a long way and bringing so many spares shows great dedication to collecting. We hope they enjoyed themselves enough to come again.

Every member was given a questionnaire on the day so we could judge opinions of the arrangements for future bookings. Thank you for returning these so promptly.

Overwhelmingly you liked the venue, refreshments and buffet lunch. Travelling and finding the venue presented no difficulties and those who stayed overnight were entirely satisfied with the various types of accommodation used.

Whilst you all brought along loads of spares to exchange, special thanks must go to Serge V and John W for bringing so many French sets, Elsje Van B for her two plastic crates of Belgium singles and Loli M L for her Spanish sets and singles. Serge also brought along French sets from his collection for us to admire, all beautifully arranged in fitted trays that he had made.

At the end of the meeting Serge and Esje gave Beryl their spares to distribute amongst those members who were unable to attend, so if you would like any of them please read my report in the newsletter for details.

Thank you all for making the day a great success and we hope you were well rewarded with lots of new sugar packets.

Here are some extracts from comments made on the questionnaire:-

The collectors came from far and wide

Carrying their 'sugar exchanges' with pride

Of a hobby that is so sweet

As colleagues we just had to meet

Values here are all the same

Now we can face to 'that' name

Our partners gave us loyal support

Quite right too when we hold Court

Venue great, new friends, beverages never mind beers

For our Organisers we should hail 'Three Cheers'

(No. 18)

It was lovely to find folk who would offer to help by going in search of one or two specially wanted packets. What a thrill when they were discovered.

(No. 106)

It was good to have the chance to talk to other members not only about 'sucrologists' but about life in general. There was a pleasant 'chatty' atmosphere. Both Pam and Beryl played down their efforts on our behalf, but we all know that such events do not just happen; they have to be organised, and I for one, am very grateful to them for a job well done.


We came from Spain to spend a few days but the meeting was the main aim. It was worth coming because we like the place, the organisation and the ambience which is different from Spain. There we sit face to face and we exchange one person to each other, but your way is wonderful! We like to come back for the next meeting.

(No. 140)

It was like a dream come true. It was especially nice for me, because I could complete a few series. Now everyone back in Belgium will be jealous.

(No. 200)

Whilst many of you would like to book the same venue again, it is obvious that we need somewhere bigger so that we can welcome more members and possibly invite collectors from other sugar clubs overseas. Your preference, especially overseas members, is for a venue in the south. One suggestion was London, but from a previous survey we know this was not popular due to expense and parking, etc. Parking is likely to be worse when ken Livingstone introduces a fee for entering Central London.

If you find a southern venue too far to come, may I suggest you think about arranging a meeting of your own to cover your area.



Exchange Meeting at Gloucester - June 2001

We did not have a very good start to our meeting as on arrival at the Moat House were informed that they had no booking for us, nor did they know the name of our organiser, who unfortunately was unable to attend. We were told we could use the reception area for free, but as this was most unsuitable, were then offered a room at half the usual price, as opposed to the free one we had expected! Pam and I had to make the unwelcome decision to do this and after waiting a while for the room to be prepared, we were finally accommodated in very satisfactory surroundings.


It was a pleasure to meet old friends and make new acquaintances. Those of you that attended this meeting were well rewarded with a good stock of new sets and singles. I thought it was even better than fast year’s exchange as members were better prepared with spares. Enclosed are some extracts from fetters received.


Well another meeting in another town and what a very enjoyable meeting it was. Seeing familiar faces ~ some new ones as well, meant there was a lot of talking and a lot of swapping going on.. The day went so well but was over far too quickly - we could have done with a few more hours!

It was sad that more people weren’t able to make the day but they can be happy in the fact they saved themselves some money because I now have to go out and buy a lot more leaves for my folders!

See you next year.

Sue Wooler (No.11)

I enjoyed the get together at Gloucester. It was lovely to meet all who were there. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the time just flew past. Although a relative newcomer to the hobby and the club. I'm very impressed with the organisation and commitment to helping each other by giving willingly either packets or information. I look forward very much to the next get together.

Peter Boyd (No.209)

Eric, Linda Stone and I arrived at the Moat House to find that we were not expected. Gradually more and more members joined us in the lounge area where we set out our spares. I think we were all disappointed in our surroundings at this time. However, everything changed when Beryl and Pam. Arrived. They arranged for us to have a special room upstairs and everyone decamped with their precious loads.

For us it was certainly nice to get together with other enthusiastic members and to meet ‘our leader’ ‘Beryl and Pam our treasurer at last.

I certainly increased my collection of airlines and managed to comp1ete quite a few sets and gain many sachets of which I was unaware existed.

I for one am certainly looking forward to the next arranged meeting when I can once again meet up with yet more of our members and exchange sugar wrappers.

‘Thank you guys for making the day such a success and long may we continue.

Brenda Marsh

(No 12)

If you want to join us in 2002/3 and are not a member, then why not join?



The Exchange Meeting at Telford.

 Wednesday 24th May 2000

As this was the first exchange meeting we have held we asked members who attended to pass on their comments, complimentary or critical. We are delighted that no one had anything derogatory to say. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the day immensely.

Touring the factory for a second time proved just as interesting. This time we sow the sugar drying process. The machines are different and far more technical than I remember from the previous visit. I was interested to learn that not one of the machines we sow was made in this country. All are from various European countries. New too and particularly interesting was the machine producing sugar sticks.

Elsewhere you will read that a club member alerted Single Service to the mistakes in the Millennium Events set, but I also learnt that their sets ore numbered especially for our benefit. We did complain on out first visit in 1994 about the lack of numbers on the white Sweet Sayings set. This does not apply to private orders as numbering is not liked.

Those of us who have been collecting for a long time or have large collections, Norman, Pam, Jeff and myself may have been a little disappointed at not finding many new acquisitions but the pleasure of the day for us was in meeting one another again and making new friends. All four of us and Sue are founder members and attended the inaugural meeting at Telford in June 1994.

The pleasure I derive from our club is in meeting members and helping them with their collections, so it was a delight to part with so many of my spares. Jeff summed up the spirit of the meeting by saying that if one only has a single sample of sugar that will complete someone else’s set, it is given willingly for that purpose.

We have learnt from this meeting that the time we were all together was not long enough partly due to the factory tours. Possibly a two day event would be better, one day being at the weekend. The bulk of our membership is in the southern counties so a venue further south and central would benefit the majority of members. Holiday time July/August needs to be avoided but May/June is ideal as we benefit from better weather and light evenings. If you have any comments on this subject please let me know.



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